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Located throughout New Mexico and the Southern part of Colorado, the MSPI programs in this area offer a variety of culturally competent and tailored resources, avenues of prevention, and treatment to address suicide and methamphetamine use among American Indians. Many of the Tribal programs address suicide prevention, meth use prevention, or both in order to provide a positive outlook for their communities. In collaboration with the Indian Health Service including other tribal and non-tribal organizations in New Mexico, the MSPI Tribal programs address these behavioral health issues with promise for a bright future.

One of twelve Area Offices of the Indian Health Service, the Albuquerque Area Office is responsible for the provision of health services to a number of distinctly different tribal groups.  The ABQ Area Methamphetamine & Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI) Technical Assistance (TA) program specifically serves 11 Tribal Programs and 1 youth regional treatment center. Technical assistance includes but is not limited to program oversight and management, evaluation, training, promotion, connect programs to resources, increase collaboration among the regional MSPI programs and organizations, and serves to improve the overall communication between the IHS behavioral health headquarters and the Tribal programs.

Contact: Audrey Solimon, MPH MSPI/DVPI Coordinator
Chris Fore, Ph.D. Behavioral Health Consultant
Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service
5300 Homestead Rd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: 505 248 4534

Located in the Pueblo of Acoma, NM, the MSPI project has focused on suicide prevention through community outreach and education.  The MSPI project has also worked to train community service providers, teachers, community leaders and traditional leaders, skills for intervention and post-vention responses first through the ASIST model and in 2013 through the CONNECT model. The Pueblo of Acoma MSPI project has grown the annual “Walk in Memory/Run for Hope” suicide prevention initiative in the community to over 600 Acoma tribal and surrounding tribal members. The MSPI program currently serves the on-reservation population of approximately 2900 Acoma tribal members, and the surrounding areas.

Contact: La Toya Vallo
Pueblo of Acoma MSPI Project
Pueblo of Acoma Behavioral Health Services
P.O. Box 328 Pueblo of Acoma, NM 87034
Phone: 505 552 6661

The MSPI program focuses on suicide prevention utilizing a school-based mental health model. Our program partners with Early Childhood and a Bureau of Indian Education community school to deliver prevention, intervention, and consultation services to children, their families, and the staff of the organization. The Alamo Navajo MSPI prevention program is located on the Alamo Navajo Reservation, which is located 30 miles north of Magdalena, NM. The Alamo Navajo area has a 2,072 total population, whereby 52% of the population is under the age of 25.

Contact: James Beecher
Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc.
Division of Health Services
Department of Behavioral Health
PO Box 5907 Alamo, NM 87825
Phone: 575 854 2626

The Eight Northern Pueblos Suicide Prevention Initiative serves the Pueblos of Taos, Picuris, Ohkay Owingeh, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Tesuque, Pojoaque and Nambe. As the Eight Northern Indian Pueblo’s behavioral health agency, “Circle of Life” offers a variety of substance abuse and mental health treatment services for the Pueblos served. The suicide prevention initiative is geared toward children and adolescents. The Eight Northern MSPI project, through activities and training, helps build pride in the community and self-esteem to the local Native American population. Because the agency maintains a clinical presence in the communities, there is a strong level of clinical processes involved in the project. The MSPI program serves approximately 1400 individuals across the 8 Pueblos and program offices are located in Ohkay Owingeh, NM.

Contact: Circle of Life Behavioral Health Network
PO Box 969 Ohkay Owingeh, NM 87566
Phone: 505 852 1377

The Five Sandoval MSPI program, located centrally in Bernalillo, NM, serves the Cochiti, Zia and Santa Ana Pueblos; located in the northwest region of New Mexico. The MSPI program, housed within the Behavioral Health Services division of Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos, Inc., provides trainings on meth and suicide prevention and intervention, community forums and technical support services. Working with the community members and youth in Cochiti, Zia and Santa Ana Pueblos, the activities provided by the MSPI program are culturally competent and unique to the area. Additionally, the Five Sandoval MSPI program works in collaboration with regional Tribal organizations to support suicide prevention legislation in NM.

Contact: Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos
1043 Hwy 313 Bernalillo, NM 87004
Phone: 505 867 3351

The mission of the Isleta Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) prevention program is to use proven prevention practices along with traditional teachings/values to help youth resist violence, alcohol, drugs, and suicide. Within the Isleta MSPI program, the “Young Leaders Youth Krew” focuses on development of leadership qualities in youth and the ability to make healthy choices. Experiential programs are offered throughout the year and provide our youth leaders various experiences that broaden their horizons and foster “healthy risk-taking” behaviors (rafting, snowboarding, camping, etc.). The IBHS, Isleta Health Center, Isleta Truancy, Isleta Parks and Recreation and Isleta Police Department come together to organize our annual “Light the Path” memorial walk, to offer the community a chance to remember their loved ones in a gathering. Our Community Garden is another innovative prevention program that teaches young people patience, hard work and skills in farming. The Pueblo of Isleta MSPI program is located in central New Mexico, 12 miles south of Albuquerque and has a total member population of 4,421.

Contact: Isleta Behavioral Health Services – Prevention Program
PO Box 580 Isleta, NM 87022
Phone: 505 869 5475

The goal of the Ramah Navajo MSPI program is to continue to implement the project by gathering data/information to assess the issue of suicide in our community, maintain and support the suicide crisis team, continue our public awareness campaign on suicide prevention, and organize and conduct a suicide prevention conference for the Ramah community each year. The Ramah Navajo Suicide Prevention Project serves individuals living on the Ramah Navajo reservation, located in Pine Hill, NM. Approximately 4,000 individuals reside in the Ramah Navajo community.

Contact: Ramah Navajo Behavioral Health
P.O. Box 490 Pine Hill, NM 87357
Phone: 505 775 3353
Fax: 505 775 3630

The MSPI program at Sandia Behavioral Health functions to reduce suicidal behavior by allowing us to provide quality direct care, train our staff and community members, and develop an integrated model of care that streamlines referrals to behavioral health. The provision of each of these three components, including direct care, training, and the integration of resources, is bolstered by the use of best-practices and/or evidence-based resources, which we expect to further improve outcomes in our community. The Pueblo of Sandia MSPI program is located within the Pueblo, just north of Albuquerque, NM, and serves approximately 440 Tribal and community members.

Contact: Sandia Behavioral Health
203 Sandia Day School Road Bernalillo, NM 87004
Clinic Phone: 505 867 4696

A variety of treatment options are provided to individuals via the SUCAP/Peaceful Spirit Southern Ute MSPI project including intensive residential treatment, multi-systemic treatment/therapy, suicide prevention and education, and Project Venture. In addition, trainings in ASIST and SafeTALK are provided to behavioral health professionals in the community. Other training opportunities are provided throughout the year. The Southern Ute MSPI program is located in Ignacio, CO on the Southern Ute Indian reservation in Southwest Colorado. The reservation covers approximately 1,000 square miles in 3 counties, La Plata, Archuleta and Montezuma. There are approximately 4,500 Tribal members.

Contact: Dennis Dahlke, Peaceful Spirit/SUCAP
PO Box 429 Ignacio, CO 81137
Phone: 970 563 4555

The To’Hajiilee Behavioral Health System provides quality outpatient substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation and behavioral health services for those who wish to recover from substance abuse and/or dependence. A strong emphasis on prevention efforts has been established with the To’Hajiilee MSPI Project. Native Youth Empowerment, Youth Council Development, Peer Helpers, and the creation of a Crisis Response Team are ongoing initiatives. The program is located within the community, 25 miles west of Albuquerque, NM. Approximately 1,658 individuals reside on the To’Hajiilee Navajo reservation.

Contact: To’Hajiilee Behavioral Health System
PO Box 3368 To’Hajiilee, NM 87026
Phone: 505 908 2571
Fax: 505 908 2572

The Zuni MSPI program is working with various community agencies and the community to increase awareness of Methamphetamine and Suicide prevention issues. The MSPI program has been able to serve the Pueblo community in addition to the local and surrounding areas. The program has been collaborating with School Healthy Lifestyles, Fire/EMS services, and Zuni Public Schools on education and awareness activities for Meth & Suicide prevention, as well as other prevention activities. The Zuni MPSI program is located in the Pueblo of Zuni in the southwest part of New Mexico. The program serves approximately 11,226 individuals in the pueblo and surrounding areas.

Contact: Carvella Yatsatie, Zuni MSPI Program Coordinator
Dr. Robert Currier, Behavioral Health Director
Zuni Recovery Center
PO Box 339 Zuni, NM 87327
Phone: 505 782 4717

The National Indian Youth Leadership Project (NIYLP), a not-for-profit agency located in Gallup, NM and the New Sunrise Residential Treatment Center (NSRTC), an IHS facility providing inpatient substance abuse treatment, partnered in a demonstration project called TANAY. This program is an adaptation of Project Venture, an evidenced-based positive youth development and substance abuse prevention model designed for American Indian youth. TANAY is an adventure-based, experiential and culturally-guided program that promotes youth development through a structured sequence of challenge activities over the course of three months. The NIYLP and NSRTC consider this collaboration a unique opportunity to pilot an alternative approach to working with Native youth with substance abuse and mental health diagnoses in a residential setting. The TANAY program is located at the NSRTC in San Fidel, NM near the Pueblos of Acoma and Laguna.

Contact: Dr. Kao Rhiannon, Clinical Director
Gregory Dobbs, CTRS
New Sunrise Regional Treatment Center
20 Mockingbird Road San Fidel, NM 87049
Phone: 505 552 5500

The Mescalero System of Care (MSOC) specializes in comprehensive community mental health services for children with serious emotional disturbances (SED). Another service is Wraparound, which involves the whole family working with case managers to discover the best type of treatment that would most benefit the child. MSOC offers mental health services to children and youth ages 5 to 21, individual counseling and individual and group equine therapy. Our Youth Group encourages social and leadership skills. We offer a supportive environment with culturally competent youth and family activities. The youth group is open to all Mescalero community youth. Transportation is provided for the youth involved in meetings and activities. MSOC is located on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in Otero County in south-central New Mexico and serves approximately 5400 Tribal members, about one-half of whom are under the age of eighteen.

Contact: Joelyn Magoosh, Director
331 War Bonnet Dr. Mescalero, NM 88340
Phone: 575 464 9274
Fax: 575 464 3404

First Nations Community HealthSource uses a holistic approach that is integrated and treats the whole person. Our medical, dental and behavioral health services are open from 8:00am to 9:00pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. The clinic is a UNM Cares site and accepts all major health insurances. Walk-ins and appointments are available. All ages served. First Nations Community HealthSource prioritizes care to pregnant women.

5608 Zuni Road SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
To schedule an appointment, please call 505 262 6520.
24-hour Emergency Crisis Hotline: 505 238 7488

KEYWAH seeks to implement Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), the Natural Helpers Program, the Columbia TeenScreen, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach for Suicide Prevention, and a culturally modified Project Venture program known as Kathishya Youth Leadership Institute (KYLI) with San Felipe youth between the ages of 13-18. The goals and objectives of the program are to first: expand capacity to serve adolescents at-risk for suicide and their families with the following objectives: train San Felipe behavioral health providers on CBT-SP and TeenScreen, increase access to psychiatric consultation and wraparound services, train school staff and San Felipe community members in ASIST, train in 3 schools to implement Natural Helpers Program, and enroll San Felipe youth in KYLI. The second goal is to foster increased cross-agency and private/public collaboration. Objectives associated with this goal are: develop MOAs between schools and the local Behavioral Health Program, further develop referral system for youth from schools and other community programs to Behavioral Health Program, establish KEYWAH Taskforce to serve as a tribal suicide prevention coalition, and continue to build and utilize the Multidisciplinary Team. The third goal is to ensure a prevention prepared community through social marketing and training so community members understand the importance of recognizing and reacting to risk factors related to suicide.

Contact: Esther Tenorio, Project Director
Pueblo of San Felipe 127 Hagon Road
San Felipe Pueblo, NM 87001
Phone: 505 771 9900