Curricula & Programming

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American Indian Life Skills Development Curriculum is a course for high school students and some middle school students that is designed to drastically reduce suicidal thinking and behavior. The skills-based approach of this curriculum follows well-established teaching methods to develop social skills. For more information, visit the American Indian Life Skills Development page here.

Project Venture: Positive Prevention for American Indian Youth (PV) is an outdoors experiential youth development program designed for American Indian youth at high risk for substance use and related problems. Project Venture was developed by the National Indian Youth Leadership Project (NIYLP), an American Indian-owned and -operated, community-based, nonprofit organization with nearly 20 years of experience in youth development. NIYLP has conducted summer youth leadership camps since 1986, from which grew the year-round Project Venture model. In 1990, NIYLP received its first SAMHSA/CSAP grant to implement Project Venture. For more information, visit Project Venture here.

Linking Education and Awareness for Depression and Suicide (LEADS) for Youth is a school-based suicide prevention curriculum designed for high schools and educators that links depression awareness and suicide prevention. LEADS for Youth is an informative and interactive opportunity for students and teachers to increase knowledge and awareness of depression and suicide. For more information, visit LEADS here.